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Reasons Why The Fish In My Aquarium Dying?

Why are the fish in my aquarium dying? There is a multitude of reasons why fish in aquarium water are dying. This article will list down each and every one of them and the best solution for it. If you have found this article helpful, please visit my blog for valuable tips on keeping your fish healthy.

why are the fish in my aquarium dying

Too much oxygen or too little oxygen: If you have ever kept fishes in your tank, then you might have noticed that there are fishes that thrive in oxygen-rich environment but the number one predator in their tank is none other than the shark. When the water has too much oxygen in it and there is not enough suitable land plants to filter the oxygen in the water, the fish will take all the oxygen for itself and die. This happens because the bacteria that exist in the tank can not exist without the presence of oxygen. Fish do not have a brain and they are not capable of self-awareness so they cannot sense the deficiency in oxygen. So if your tank has too much oxygen, then you need to lower the amount of oxygen in the water.

Disease: Another reason why fish in tank die is due to bacterial diseases. This is also very simple. If you have not done anything wrong, but your fish is showing some symptoms like discoloration, lesions, and pus then they could be infected by bacterial disease. You must keep a check on your fish daily to see if they are infected. Treatment would be very simple, just give them antibiotics and you would be good.

Overcrowding: Overcrowding is a big problem that causes stress to the fish. Stress can kill a fish very quick. Stress is caused by too much of something in a tank. A good way to get rid of the overcrowding problem is to divide the tank into two half’s and have one with less fish in it and the other with more.

Water Quality: Water quality is another factor that causes stress to the fish. There are chemicals used for aquariums that cause the water to be cloudy. This makes it hard for the fish to be able to move around. Also adding too many nutrients to the water can also make the cloudy water and make it very poor for the fish. Just remember that you should only add the right things to the water and not too many.

Bacteria: Bacteria can also cause death in your aquarium. There are different bacteria that cause different illnesses. It is important to know what bacteria’s in your aquarium are and which ones you should eliminate from your aquarium. Also adding too much water or waste material to the aquarium can help the bacteria grow fast and infect the tank. To kill the bacteria in your aquarium, you can use an antibacterial chemical. Be sure to test the water after you do this to make sure you did not add any extra bacteria to the water.

Disease: There are a lot of diseases that can be found in an aquarium. Many bacteria, algae, and other things can grow really fast in an aquarium. They can cause disease and bloating in your fish. Sometimes it just kills the fish. There are some rare diseases that can cause the fish to actually die. To prevent this from happening, make sure you have disease testing done once a month or so.

I have gone over some of the most common reasons for why the fish in your aquarium are dying. Some of these are over feeding, diseases, and not enough oxygen. If none of these are the problem then you need to check for the other reasons as well. Most of the time if the fish in your aquarium are dying then something else is going on. Check your water conditions, observe your fish, and find out what is wrong.