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Can I Use Tap Water In My New Aquarium?

can I use tap water in my aquarium

There are many questions about tap water and aquarium filtration systems. Many people wonder what the differences are between distilled and deionized water. The only real difference is that deionized water has no minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Distilled water is completely devoid of these minerals. You may have some concerns about the purity of tap water, but distilled water is actually completely safe for your fish.

If you are not using deionized water or a distillation device, you should know that all tap water is not suitable for the marine aquarium hobby. Certain types of water are actually poisonous to fish. These include certain waters from reservoirs. If you add a water purification device to your tank, you can eliminate this threat. Even if the water is safe to drink, it is certainly not a healthy option for fish to consume. You should avoid drinking any municipal water as well, as the chlorine content is quite high.

You should buy a good aquarium filtration system to clean up the water in your tank. Some filters will filter out most of the suspended particles in the water. Others are more selective. Which type of filter you need depends on how big your aquarium and the number of fish that you want to keep. A filter with several stages will be able to trap all the suspended materials.

A quality aquarium filtration system will have several features. First of all, it needs a heat exchanger. This piece of equipment will take heat from the fish tank and use it to melt and dilute the water in the filter. Without this exchange, your tap water will become de-chlorinated. It will also taste bad.

You should always make sure that you choose a reputable company. There are many fly by night companies that produce poor quality products. They will not test their products for purity. They just want to make a quick buck. Before you purchase an aquarium filtration system, make sure that it is certified by the state department of testing. Most states require that it pass both state and federal quality tests. 

You also want a good-quality aquarium filtration system that will remove rust, algae, and other microorganism that may be floating around in the water. You don’t want to use just any filter because some types of filters can actually attract these types of microorganisms. The best way to ensure that these organisms do not become a problem in your aquarium is to use an ion-exchange filter.

An ion exchange aquarium filtration system is not hard to use. All you need is an aquarium water filter that has a carbon base and a balance of salt and other minerals. You just add the required amount of water into the filter, and then hook your pH and acid balances back into the tank. Every so often you will need to change the water. If you can’t do this yourself, and you live in a city where it is difficult to find water changes, then you can have your water changed by a technician that comes to your home and does all the work.

So, now that you know how can I use tap water in my aquarium, what are you waiting for? Check out a quality aquarium filter that will get you started on a good-quality water filtration system. You’ll love the way your tank looks, and you’ll be able to see everything under water. And remember that you don’t have to use distilled water, it is fine just as long as it is going to work in your new aquarium.